organ donation in ap and telanganaJeevandan, the organ donation scheme is divided between both the Telugu states with Telangana getting 20 hospitals in Hyderabad, and Andhra Pradesh, 10 hospitals in Visakhapatnam, Nellore and Vijayawada. However hospitals in Andhra Pradesh are unwilling to donate organs to Telangana patients.

There is a greater demand for organs in Hyderabad as more patients are getting registered here. But it is becoming difficult for Telangana officials to get the required organs from AP hospitals post the bifurcation. The scheme came in to effect from January 2013 and since then 117 donors have donated 520 organs.

However government hospital are still lagging in infrastructural facilities and expertise to harvest an organ and ensure its transplantation. Private hospitals have done most of these transplants. The organs of persons who die on the spot in accidents, or are brought dead to government hospitals, go waste.