AP Govt Drops A Bomb On Sankranthi BiggiesAndhra Pradesh government is trying its best to manifest a hostile atmosphere for new Telugu theatrical releases. The government recently announced ticket pricing restrictions and affirmed that there won’t be any permissions for benefit shows henceforth.

But the producers of Sankranthi biggies, RRR and Radhe Shyam were hopeful that the government might understand their plight and at least permit benefit shows for their films. However, Perni Nani, who has been operating as AP government’s representative while meeting with Tollywood bigwigs has now blemished the glimmer of hope for the makers of big-ticket projects.

“In YS Jagan’s regime, there is no possibility for benefit shows,” Nani commented in a recent interview with a media portal. He has thus dropped a bomb on Sankranthi biggies.

This pretty much confirms that the government is in no mood to facilitate Telugu cinema. The reluctance to permit benefit shows and flexible ticket pricing proves the same.

It would be near impossible for the likes of RRR and Radhe Shyam to recover the investments(Andhra Pradesh theatrical rights) with the current cap on cinema ticket prices and the strict 4-shows per day policy.