Jagan-Following-Chandrababu-Naidu-in-Dealing-with-BJPAndhra Pradesh Government has signed an MOU with IIM – Ahmedabad to do and submit a study about the Corruption in the State. The study will go on till the third week of February and the final report will be submitted to the Government. The State Government officials and IIM representatives signed the MOU in the presence of the Chief Minister.

“What is the root cause of corruption? How Corruption is happening? What is the range of Corruption happening? How to arrest this?” will be the crucial segments they will be studying. Chief Minister Jagan says the Government brings in a string of measures to stop corruption in the Government officials.

However, this has evoked a mixed response from the netizen. “We have a Chief Minister who needs to stand before the CBI Court every Friday. There are serious charges of Quid-Pro-Quo, Money Laundering, Shell Companies, Disproportionate Assets, etc and there are these sermons of anti-corruption,” they mock the Government.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister was supposed to attend the Nampally CBI Court tomorrow. Jagan has been evading the court appearances ever since he came to power. It has to be seen if he does that once again. Experts say that it continues, CBI may demand the bail cancellation alleging that the CM is trying to hinder the trial.