YS Jagan - Amul - Chandrababu NaiduThe Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, and Fisheries Ministry had issued a FrontPage ad to all leading Newspapers this morning which has raised eyebrows. The advertisement with the Chief Minister’s photo on it is an endorsement to a Private Diary, Amul.

The State Government seems to clearly endorse the Diary Brand and is promoting it among those who sell their milk to the dairy companies. The advertisement even compares the prices offered by various other dairy companies and Amul.

While even the competitors will shy away from naming other companies in their advertisements, the State Government advertisement named all the companies. This seems to be an attempt to take a hit at Chandrababu Naidu owned Heritage Diary. Heritage’s name is taken thrice in the advertisement.

The advertisement has ommitted the comparison with Government-run diaries and diaries owned by YSRCP leaders. There is a huge criticism of the Government for promoting a Gujarati private company at the cost of our own dairy companies. The price benefits shown for Amul includes the subsidy given by the State Government. It is not answered why the subsidy is given to a private entity while ignoring Government-run dairies.
YS Jagan - amul