AP goverment student fee issue

Andhra Pradesh government has extended its hand to Telangana government to solve the ongoing Fees reimbursement crisis. Chandra Babu had announced that his government is ready to pay 58% (on population basis of both the states) of the fees of those students who do not fit in the 1956 nativity rule of Telangana government. Chandra Babu requested his Telangana counterpart to come forward and pay the 42% fees to save the future of the students.

On this occasion, Chandra Babu once again asked Telangana government to come forward to sit across-the-table and try to resolve any dispute. He criticised the TRS Government for fixing 1956 as the cut-off year for deciding nativity of those residing in Telangana and asked to save the constitutional spirit adhering to Presidential Order and six-point formula. We will have to see how TRS government responds.