rtc union strike and highcourt judgementAndhra Pradesh government had decided to give the 43% fitment to RTC employee Unions who are on strike for it from the past 8 days paralyzing the road transport corporation. The RTC Employees Union and Cabinet Sub-Committee reached to an agreement accordingly a short while ago. The Employees were asked to join the duties immediately.

Telangana government is also expected to follow the same now. 1.2 Lakh employees in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be eligible for this pay revision. Government earlier offered 27% fitment which is already the highest in RTC history but that could not satisfy the unions who were stubborn on 43% fitment on par with government employees.

Even the high court’s interference could not dissuade them from the strike. This decision will be a huge burden on the debt ridden corporation in which the state governments are the major stake holders. This will be even tougher for AP government which is cash strapped. We will have to see if the government passes this burden on to public by increase ticket fares.

Latest update:

Telangana government announced 44% fitment to RTC Employees. KCR also announced that they will be paying for the strike period too. He also promised to introduce Medical insurance and health cards to RTC employees from next month.