AP Flourishing With Three Murders & Six Rapes!YSR Congress MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju has criticized the state government in harshest words citing National Crime Bureau Records.

“Crime has become quite common in Andhra Pradesh. The state is flourishing with three murders and six rapes every day. Sorry to tell this,” Raghu Rama said.

“According to National Crime Bureau Records, in 2020, AP has been ranked eighth on crimes on women. The state is ranked second in crimes on women at workplaces,” he said.

“In physical assaults on women, we are ranked first. Crime has increased by 63% when compared to 2019. An attack is happening on an SC every three hours,” he added.

“Andhra Pradesh tops the entire country in Lockup deaths. I have luckily escaped. Our Chief Minister aims for 175 seats but the five digit may go missing. There should be a complete revamp in the party if we were to get 175 seats,” the MP told media.