Cyber-Security-APThe Tech Savvy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu is at work again. Naidu is focusing of using technology extensively to bring various services more closer to the people. Accordingly he also started focus on fighting the cyber threats on to various government websites.

Naidu is planning to appoint 30-40 member expert team to monitor and protect their cyber assets round-the-clock and this move will make Andhra Pradesh to become the country’s first State to have a dedicated team to fight cyber threats.

Andhra Pradesh government’s IT adviser J. Satyanarayana is working on the formulation of the Cyber security tea.He is also the brain behind the state government’s Enterprise Architecture and E-cabinet. India stood seventh in the world as a cyber attack victim, and there is always a need to have such cyber security teams for all the states across the country.