YS Jagan - PensionWe have seen the Andhra Pradesh government struggling to pay salaries and pensions for its employees in recent times. Even though there is a problem paying up for the employees, the government ensured that the social welfare pensions are not delayed to keep the public happy.

But then, this month (August) those pensions were delayed as well. Beneficiaries are worried as 5.18 lakh beneficiaries have not received their pensions. Volunteers who distribute pensions on the morning of the first of every month did not turn up today.

People have started worrying if the Andhra Pradesh government’s financial problems have gone to the next level. However, the government sources say that the distribution was interrupted due to some technical issues. Banks did not disburse the money for the village and ward secretariats.

Even if the deposit is made today, it will be a holiday for the banks due to Sunday. Let us see if everything will be fine by tomorrow (Monday).