high court shift from telangana to apThe much demanded High Court division between both the Telugu States had taken a new turnon Monday. Union Law Department had written a letter to Telangana government to provide suitable area for the new high court and the state government promptly replied to it by allotting space in Gachibowli Games Villages.

However Hyderabad High Court found fault with the entire process. The court opined that it is Andhra Pradesh who should be shifting to the new high court according to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act.

The court opined that since the current high court building is present in Telangana, it need not shift to an alternate building. The court asked Andhra Pradesh government to file an affidavit regarding its progress in getting a new high court. This ruling of the court has become a worry for Telangana as it may delay the proceedings of the high court division. It is not easy for the truncated state to provide provisions for a separate high court now.