value-added-tax-Andhra-Pradesh-TelanganaAndhra Pradesh successfully piped Telangana in revenue collection in both tax and non-tax categories, a scenario which is exactly opposite when the state got divided two years ago. The truncated state had registered 16% increase in revenue and passed Telangana in both tax and non-tax revenue categories including income from commercial taxes, transport, liquor sale, and stamps and registration.

The state has received Rs 90,122.58 crore revenue receipts during 2015-16 achieving 100 per cent target. Telangana’s revenue receipts are around Rs 88,550 crore. This was achieved even as about 450 mandals are drought-hit with no farm production. AP’s tax revenues were pegged at 44,423 Crore while in Telangana, it is about 40000 Crore.

On the other side, the non-tax revenue of Andhra Pradesh also rose to Rs 5300 crore. The transfers from the Center reported 120 per cent increase over the previous financial year. AP received Rs 21,966 crore under different grants from the Center. The government sources say, the impressive growth figures is achieved by introducing finance reforms and following strict budgetary allocations