ap cid investigates gangireddyNotorious Red Sanders Smuggler, Gangireddy was arrested in Mauritius eight and half months ago. Since there is no exchange of criminals treaty between India and Mauritius, AP CID and Police are fighting a legal battle there to get him in to custody. Gangireddy meanwhile is trying all means to escape the arrest by AP Police.

CID had realized that Gangireddy will go free as the legal case is delayed or lost. And so they have taken an alternative route. They have got Gangireddy’s fake Passport cancelled by the Union External Affairs Ministry and thus made him illegal entrant to the country. According the country’s laws, Mauritius Prime Minister sent a notice to Gangireddy to reply in 24 hours why he should not be deported to India.

This happened on Saturday and Gangireddy could not reply. Even though he can challenge it in court, that did not happen as the Courts are closed for Sunday. Using this 24 hours gap, Indian authorities have brought him back to the country and he will now face trial here.