Siva Rama Krishnan committee established in order to look in to various options for Andhra Pradesh’s state capital had finished its report on the state capital. A media source claims to have got hands on the report and according to the leaked report, the committee suggested to form the capital some where between Vinukonda (Guntur) and Martur (Prakasam). The committee also suggested to setup the high court in Vishakapatnam and a high court bench in Kurnool.

The committee also found Marturu as best place for Assembly and Vinukonda for Secretariat.The deadline for the report submission is this month end and they are going to submit it well in time. The report was supposed to be submitted today but was delayed for some technical reasons. It is said that the report now may be submitted to the Union government anytime this week.

The committee has toured the entire state exploring the suitable place. The committee has so far received 6000 proposals for the capital. They have toured selected places in the 13 districts and have studied various factors like availability of government land, accessibility to all the people, ability to attract investors etc.