AP Bulletproof To KCR's ConvoyAs part of security measures for Telangana CM KCR, Intelligence Security Wing officials are making arrangements to set up a new convoy of vehicles. It is known that arrangements are being made for a new vehicle range as next year is an election year.

To this extent, it is known that the convoy of 8 white Toyota Land Cruisers has been moved to the manufacturing center of the concerned company in Veerapanenigudem near Vijayawada to prepare them with bulletproof.

It is also reported that two buses are also being prepared with bulletproof.

All these vehicles were moved to Gannavaram Airport on a special flight two days ago and from there they were taken to Veerapanenigudem.

In the past, all the police departments in the country used to move to Jharkhand for making bulletproof vehicles. However, it is known that this process has become easier as the concerned company has set up a special unit in Veerapanenigudem in AP.

Along with AP, bulletproof vehicles are being manufactured in this unit for the VVIPs of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and Karnataka states.

Intelligence sources revealed that a new bulletproof vehicle range will be available to CM KCR in another week.