AP BJP’s Strange Promise On Cheap LiquorWhile the YS Jagan-led government of Andhra Pradesh is puzzling everyone with its varying stance on the proposed liquor ban in the state, BJP AP wing has made a strange promise in this context.

BJP AP wing chief Somu Veerraju promised to provide cheap liquor at unusually low prices if BJP is voted to power in the state.

“Bring BJP to power in Andhra Pradesh and we will provide cheap liquor at low prices. We will sell cheap liquor at Rs 75. And if the revenues are good, we will sell it even for Rs 50,” Veerraju said while speaking at a public meet today.

Well, making promises about the prices of cheap liquor isn’t the right way to manifest a party’s pre-poll preparation. It appears to be that Veerraju has gotten the priorities all messed up.