AP BJP, AP BJP Special Status, AP BJP AP Special Status, AP BJP Andhra Pradesh Special Status, AP BJP Special Status Bill, AP BJP AP Special Status BillThis is not an allegation made by other parties. Leaders of BJP AP unit are themselves telling this. Even though some leaders are trying to put a brave face, they are worried about the party prospects in the state. “Sonia Gandhi risked the future of AP Congress during bifurcation and Modi is doing the same with AP BJP now,” a lead on anonimity said.

BJP is just hoping to establish its foothold in AP. They are sharing power in the state due to the hand holding of TDP and now, the party is likely to be all alone with all the parties maintaining safe distance from the saffron party. More than that, people seeing BJP as a traitor is the biggest concern.

“We are equal to Congress for people of the state now. The damage is done. Even if we try to do some repair work, we may not convince the people. Congress at least did for political gains in Telangana. We are clueless what our party will achieve from this, especially when all the parties in the country supported Special Status to AP,” the leader added.