AP Assembly: We Can’t Forget BalayyaIt is not uncommon for opposition party MLAs to get suspended from the assembly sessions. But not often do we see an MLA who isn’t even in this country, let alone the assembly getting suspended.

Incidentally, the speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Tammineni Sitaram announced the list of TDP MLAs who are suspended from the assembly session today. Strangely, he read out the name of Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Balakrishna is not even in India let alone in AP assembly. He is currently shooting for his film, NBK107 in Turkey. But that didn’t stop the speaker from suspending him for a full day.

“Only YCP can suspend an MLA who isn’t even in the house. This just goes on to instate that the ruling party didn’t want the TDP MLAs in the house. They prepared the list of all TDP MLAs already with the intention of suspending them and just read it out in the house today. This is as pathetic as it can get,” a netizen commented.