The ongoing power allocations controversy is seeing no end with both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh being adamant to safeguard their interests. Andhra Pradesh government is adamant on using the power generated in its territories. On the eve of ERC expressing its inability to cancel the existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), APGENCO made it clear that it is withdrawing the PPAs which are not yet cleared by ERC. It also made it clear that it is not asking for ERC approval but is just intimating its actions. AP is already using 200 MW power excessively and this will very soon reach 400 MW.

On the other side, Telangana government is also firm in using the allotted power as per the bifurcation bill. With both the states firm on their stands, Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center (SRLDC) is expressing concern over grid failure if both the states adopting same attitude. SRLDC has called both the GENCOs for a meeting on June 24th to discuss the grid issues. Center is also thinking on the lines of sitting across the table with two states and reach an amicable solution.