YCP Logic About VizagThe common argument of YSR Congress against Amaravati is – “Vizag has everything ready. We need to invest Three Lakh Crore in Amaravati to make it a capital but we can have a decent capital in Vizag just by investing 300 Crore”.

The argument sounds very legit to the common man but here is a simple example to show how it is another gimmick.

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), Visakhapatnam district administration, and other line departments have spent more than 100 Crore for the beautification of the city for the Global Investors Summit as well as the G20 summit working group meetings.

This 100 Crore is for basic things like road laying, mural painting, footpath renovation, beach cleaning, median development, jungle clearance, development of beaches, etc.

The ministers and the local leaders have already reiterated this 100 Crore beautification on several occasions in the last couple of weeks.

So if it costs more than 100 Crore just for the beautification, the question is how 300 Crore will be enough for capital?

Meanwhile, the average common man in Vishakapatnam is worried about this Hungama on Vizag, especially with several allegations of land grabbing by the Opposition and the media.