YSRCP-YS-Jagan-Anna-Canteen-TDPYSR Congress Government had shown Tamil Nadu-like Vendetta Politics in Andhra Pradesh ever since it came to power in 2019. CID and Police were used to terrify the Opposition leaders and have them sit indoors.

Elections are around the corner but YSR Congress is still expecting the Opposition to sit silent. TDP is reviving its Anna Canteens to get closer to the people.

Incharges of various constituencies are serving food to the poor for just five Rupees.

The Government is worried about these canteens and is harassing the organizers.

Police and municipal officials are after them and are trying to get the makeshift Anna Canteens in the name of various permissions.

In some places like Kuppam, we have seen the party cadre vandalizing the canteens.

Telugu people strictly believe in ‘Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam’. That’s the reason Anna Canteens have become such a big hit previously and now as well.

Food is a sentiment as well as a need in the country. Insulting or troubling such initiatives will naturally cause public ire.

YSR Congress is making sure that there are 2-3 such incidents a week and the bad press the government receives will be constantly in public memory.

And then, we have YSR Congress media trying to make the issue ‘ non-existent’ saying that they are election stunts, etc. But still, the fact remains people are getting food that the government or the ruling party is not interested in.

The sad part is that the Chief Minister is silent. ‘Power’ is the biggest intoxicant and it can make you completely blind to the ground realities and even common sense.

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