Nara_Lokesh_Anna_Canteen_MangalagiriTDP leader Nara Lokesh has strongly condemned the removal of TDP’s Chalivendram (Water and Buttermilk distribution camp) at the NTR statue, Mangalagiri by the officials

“Removing the Chalivendram which quenches the thirst of hundreds of people by providing daily drinking water and buttermilk only reveals the frustration of the local MLA,” Lokesh said.

Lokesh instructed party leaders that Anna’s canteen should be started from tomorrow at the place where Chalivendram is located.

He announced that he will provide food to the poor for Two Rupees per meal.

YSR Congress is always eager to grab the food from the mouths of the poor. Sending out municipal officials after those feeding the poor is atrocious,” Nara Lokesh commented.

“No matter how difficult it is, we will open an Anna canteen in Mangalagiri to provide low-cost meals to the poor,” he added.

The previous TDP government used to run Anna Canteens which used to feed the poor for five rupees a meal. They have helped the poor big time.

But the Jagan government stopped all of them immediately after coming to power.

TDP leaders across the state are opening such canteens with their own funds.

Unlike when in power, meals are provided for Two rupees instead of Five Rupees.