TDP_Anna_Canteen_in_KuppamTelugu Desam Party and NTR Trust have started Anna Canteen in Chandrababu Naidu‘s Kuppam constituency.

The canteen is being run from a tractor since the Canteen building construction was stopped after YSR Congress came to power.

The Tractor Canteen will serve food for around 1000 people per day. Along with the assistance of NTR Trust, TDP supporters and leaders are generously donating to the cause.

Recently, Nandamuri Balakrishna also started an Anna Canteen in his Hindupur constituency. A few other TDP leaders are starting the canteens in their constituencies.

The party plans to have them started in all the constituencies in the next few months.

The previous TDP government used to run Anna Canteens which used to feed the poor for five rupees a meal. They have helped the poor big time.

But the Jagan government stopped all of them immediately after coming to power.