Anil Kumar Yadav Trying To Prove Jagan Wrong?The other day, we have published an article about how former minister Anil Kumar Yadav is trying to gang up MLAs in the district against the newly inducted minister, Kakani Govardhan Reddy.

Anil refuted the claims and said all of them are Jagan’s army. But then, the ground reality seems to be different.

Kakani Govardhan Reddy is coming to Nellore on the 17th for the first time after becoming the minister.

His followers are planning a huge rally at 5:30 PM on 17th to welcome him.

To foil the program, Anil Kumar Yadav has arranged a public meeting in Nellore half an hour before his arrival.

Anil reportedly asked his followers to take the meeting seriously and ensure a huge congregation.

This seems to be a ploy to make Kakani’s welcome event a failure. The idea is to prove how he is more popular than Kakani.

Anil wants to send a message to the Chief Minister that not giving him a second term is a mistake.

But then, we will have to see how the party high command will receive this disobedience!

In the 2019 elections, YSR Congress won all the ten assembly segments in the erstwhile Nellore district.

YSR Congress supporters themselves admit that leaders will fight among themselves and gift the district to TDP on a platter in 2024.