YS_Jagan_ButtonYoung and dynamic Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is only into bringing loans and distributing freebies. Jagan fondly calls it ‘Button Nokkudu’ and proudly flaunts it on his sleeve as if it is a big achievement.

Speaking at the meeting, Jagan said, “గతంలో ముసలాయన ప్రభుత్వం ఉండేది. ఆ ముసలాయన ఇప్పుడు తాము ఇస్తున్నట్లుగా బటన్ నొక్కి పథకాలకు డబ్బులు ఎందుకు ఇవ్వలేదు”.

A young man like Jagan Mohan Reddy focusing on nothing but the freebies is a major disappointment. As if that is not enough for the state, he wants Chandrababu to do the same.

Musalayana not into Button Nokkudu mode is the best thing that happened to AP. The Musalayana instead was after investments, jobs creations, and infrastructure creation.

As a result, several poor and middle class families were uplifted and the living standards of the state have improved.

We at least harbored a dream of a World-class capital city under Musalayana and took baby steps. Now, we have Button Nokkudu Chief Minister who hopes to make a city as the capital so that there is a shortcut capital.

If at all, the Musalayana is in the same mode for years, AP would have gone to dogs.

Forget Andhra Pradesh, we can not even imagine the state of Hyderabad which is now flourishing as one of the most happening cities and a hub of Global IT majors in the country courtesy the same Musalayana.

Referring to Chandrababu as Musalayana seems to be a ploy to remind people of Chandrababu Naidu’s age but age is just a number when the young think old with no real passion except for votebank politics.