Andhra-Pradesh---Too-Many-Takers-for-Kapu-SupportKapu Community Voters have rallied along with Telugu Desam Party in 2014 Elections. The natural wave for TDP in 2014 was helped by Pawan Kalyan’s Support. But then, there is too much of competition for the Kapu Support in 2019 Elections.

Naturally, TDP will want to repeat the 2014 feat once again. Janasena as usually will be looking at them to make an impression in their first outing at the Ballot Boxes. YSR Congress will be hoping that the Kapu Votes will drift to them like the anti-Government vote.

The latest entrant in the race is BJP which has made its intention clear by appointing Kanna Lakshminarayana, a leader of the Same Caste as its President. While TDP is headed by a Kamma and YSR Congress by a Reddy, BJP hopes that Kapu Community will embrace them to elevate their leader in the party.

Kapu Community forms a significant chunk of electorate post the state bifurcation. They are particularly decisive in Godavari districts. So, all the parties are vying for their support in 2019. It has to be seen how they actually look and how things pan out for all the parties in the next one year.