Amaravati - Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh Three CapitalsAndhra Pradesh High Court will resume the hearings on the petitions against the three capitals. A bench of three judges – AK Goswami, Joy Malya Bagachi, and N. Jayasuriya will hear to the pending petitions. The hearings came to a halt after Former Chief Justice JK Maheshwari got transferred.

The Government believes to have a favorable mandate from the people in recent local elections over the three capitals and is pushing for an early conclusion to the cases. Advocate General S. Sriram recently urged the Court to dispose the petitions as early as possible.

On the other hand, the Government is keen on shifting the Capital to Vishakapatnam in May or June. It has to be seen if the Government gets a favorable judgment. The farmers of Amaravati who have been agitating over the capital shift for over 450 days are seeing the judiciary as its last resort.

29,481 farmers have given 34,322 acres of land in the Land Pooling Policy of Chandrababu Naidu for the construction of Amaravati. Among these farmers, 5,227 farmers have given One to Two acres of land while another 3,337 farmers have given Two to Five acres of land. So, it will be the small and medium scale farmers that will be the most affected due to the Government’s decision.