Jagan - Three Capitals andhra pradeshState Power and Forests Minister Balineni Srinivas Reddy has given clarity over when the three capitals bill will be re-introduced in the assembly. He said the three capitals bill would be introduced in the legislative assembly in March next year.

Minister Balineni, who was on a visit for the Darshan of Srisailam Mallanna in Kurnool district, made these crucial comments. The minister is known to be close to the Chief Minister. He said the three capitals bill was withdrawn due to some technical issues and Jagan Government is committed to decentralizing the development with three capitals.

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It is known to our readers that the Jagan government backtracked on the Three Capitals Bill and withdrew the bills from the Assembly. However, the Jagan government has made it clear that it will re-introduce the bill in the Assembly after making some amendments. That means Jagan Government will have two years to get the bills passed and clear the legal hurdles if any.

Passing the bills is very easy given the absolute majority the ruling party enjoys in both the houses. But then, it is not the case with legal issues as the Government has signed agreements with Amaravati farmers as a part of land pooling. In all probability, three capitals issue will be passed on to after the next elections.

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