Three-Capitals-YS-JaganYSR Congress is raking the issue of three capitals all of sudden. We have seen a non-political JAC and a Gharjana as well fully organized and motivated by the Ruling Party making its intentions clear.

The Ministers and leaders are making aggressive statements on a daily basis as if with an intention of fanning emotions in the people.

But then, there are apprehensions in the Political experts if the ruling is setting a trap for the Opposition and the voters.

The media is completely filled up with government failures. The Government is only focused on distributing freebies failing the state completely in infrastructure and jobs creation.

The surveys are clearly indicating that the public is not satisfied only with freebies. Already The educated and middle class (and above) are feeling neglected and turned totally turned against to the YSR Congress.

Even the beneficiaries of welfare schemes are not completely satisfied due to lack of jobs and basic infrastructure like jobs. Even the party leaders and cadre of YSR Congress are disgruntled with their bills not cleared drowning them into debts.

Like never before in the history of Andhra Pradesh, employees and pensioners are not getting salaries and pensions even days into new months. The state is creating new records in taking loans.

The state has suffered irreparable damage on all fronts and future is looking bleak.

At this point, the Government failures should be the election agenda. The ruling party can not obviously change it now. They are trying to change the election agenda into an emotional issue like Capitals.

Once the narrative is changed, we can see I-PAC setting the tone for the election using Whatsapp. The Opposition and the general public should quickly realize what is happening.