andhra pradesh 10th class exams -2022Something shocking has been happening in Andhra Pradesh for the last three days. Tenth standard exams are happening since three days and all papers are getting leaked on all the three days.

Telugu paper appeared on social media on the first day and Hindi paper got leaked similarly on the second day. And today, English paper is out on social media.

The officials and government are in a denial mode. Today very soon after the exam started, at around 10 AM, English Question paper is out on social media.

It is suspected that the paper got leaked Amadaguru School of Sri Sathyasai district. Officials are yet to respond to this.

Papers getting leaked straight away for three days is something incomprehensible. The government should have pulled its socks at least after the first instance.

This will paint a very poor picture of Government administration and the working style of the officials.