Andhra_Pradesh_Data_CenterIn an unexpected development, the Andhra Pradesh State Data Center server crashed down, thus bringing all the IT operations in the state to a grinding halt.

The APSDC server crash has now resulted in employees not being able to file their attendance, and also other IT services coming to a stop.

All the digital operations in the state are non-functional now and so will be the case till the issue is resolved by the concerned authorities.

This is the first time in the recent past that an entire state’s data Center crashed. The employees are now having to pull through without the digital access. Certain departments had to shut operations due to the same.

There’s still no update on the exact reason behind the server crash. It is heard that a team is currently working on getting it back up and running.

This has led to a series of trolls on social media as netizens are ridiculing how the IT department could be so compromised.