AP Special: Man Gets Police Notice For Fixing RoadsThere have been countless complaints about the dire situation of the roads in Andhra Pradesh. TDP and JanaSena even took up special drives to get the YCP government to fix the roads but there was not much movement from the Jagan led party.

Here’s a recent incident that catches the attention right away. A commoner was served a police notice for fixing a road at his area. Wonder what’s the story behind it?

Tadinada Babu, a local TDP leader and a native of Tadinada, Andhra Pradesh put the Rs 2.5 lakh that was left over from the recent Ganesh Utsav donations to good effect. He used the money to fix the road from Tadinada and Chinna Tadinada after the government failed to do so even with multiple respects.

While the locals were praising Babu for his thoughtfulness, the government officials had other ideas. The R&B department officials reportedly came knocking at his door, saying he didn’t have the permission to fix the road.

As per a newspaper clipping, the police got involved later and they filed a complaint against Babu over the information submitted by the R&B officials. Babu was then investigated and served a police notice for fixing the road.

Netizens are now funnily commenting that something like this can only happen in Andhra Pradesh.