Pawan-Kalyan-3-MarriagesThe only at of words between JanaSena and YSRCP is the hot topic in Andhra Pradesh politics now. These parties are having a go at each other for the past few days.

The chief minister YS Jagan himself spoke about Pawan Kalyan’s recent speech at a public forum.

“We have leaders(hinting at Pawan) who say 3 capitals is of no need, but it is important that everyone has 3 marriages.” Jagan said. Netizens comment that Jagan has clearly twisted Pawan’s words.

Now, YCP’s social media incharge Devendra Reddy, who is often under the pump for his distasteful tweets has now shared another offensive one.

“No 3 capitals. Only 3 marriages. This is the slogan of Pawan Kalyan who is encouraging people to get married thrice. Will he be quiet if a woman in his family is cheated by a man who got married thrice” the said YCP activist tweeted.

It appears to be that YCP is trying to spread a narrative on Pawan’s 3 marriages and trying to milk some sort of female sentiment from it.