Brother-Anil-KumarBrother Anil Kumar is one of the biggest supports of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2014 and 2019. Using his clout in the Christians, he mobilized support for YSR Congress.

But things fell apart after 2019 as differences arose between Jagan and Sharmila. He attended a Christian meeting in Vishakapatnam on Thursday and made critical comments on YSR Congress indirectly.

“People of Andhra Pradesh are thinking it would have been good if they were born in the neighboring states. The schemes of God are always different,” he said.

He did not take the name of Jagan or the Ruling Party directly. He criticized the public policies on multiple occasions calling as ‘Government/Governments’ in his speech.

He called for the people not to depend on the schemes that Governments give for their selfish motives. Anil Kumar’s comments were greeted to claps by the people who attended.

Anil Kumar has been making similar comments every time he came to Andhra Pradesh in recent times.