Andhra Pradesh Only State Not Using Corona Fund by the Central Government?The Coronavirus scare is gripping the entire country. The cases have peaked to 169. AP has registered its Second Case while Telangana’s count reached 13. The Central Government had announced a National Emergency and opened access to the National Disaster Relief Fund to all the states.

All the states have released G.O.s recognizing Corona as a Disaster and started using the funds. Telangana also did the same on March 14th and is using the funds. According to a report in Andhrajyothy, it is not the case of Andhra Pradesh. Since Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy downplayed the scare, the officials are not recognizing Corona as a disaster.

As a result, 1300 Crore NDRF funds which are available to Andhra Pradesh stay unused. The State Government tried to downplay the Coronavirus scare since the ruling party wanted the local elections to happen as scheduled. Andhra Pradesh is the last state to close the educational institutions.

The decision was taken only after Supreme Court struck down the State Government’s petition to have the local elections as planned earlier. It is known to our readers that CM Jagan said Coronavirus is just another virus like flu – It comes and goes. He even went on to say it can be treated with a Simple Paracetamol which has created a huge uproar.