AP Has No Power, No Roads & No Water: KTR There can not be a bigger insult for Andhra Pradesh and the Government there than this. Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao had ridiculed the plight of Andhra Pradesh in a most insulting way.

“One of my friends has properties in AP and goes there for every Sankranthi. Recently he went there and asked me to send our people in four buses from every village to neighboring state on buses,” KTR said.

“There are no power, no roads, and no water there, he said. If our people go there and see their plight, they will understand the value of us (TRS Government),” the minister added.

Any outsider commenting about Andhra Pradesh will have a big impact politically. The impact becomes every more when it is from Telangana politicians.

Moreover, it comes from TRS side which has thrown all its weight on YSR Congress to defeat Chandrababu Naidu in 2019 elections.

This statement of KTR is an indication of the plight of the affairs in Andhra Pradesh with over focus on freebies and zero focus on infrastructure and development.

It has to be seen how YSR Congress approaches this.