Andhra Pradesh Govt Facing 8,000 Contempt Cases In Various Courts Every now and then, we hear Andhra Pradesh Government getting rapped by the courts. But then, it looks like we only get to see or hear only a few of them but the problem is lot more serious. Government officials, including some top bureaucrats, are facing about 8,000 contempt proceedings for failing to implement court orders.

The State Government is facing a whopping 1.94 lakh cases in the state High Court and the Supreme Court. On the other side, at least 450 fresh cases are adding up on a daily basis. The bureaucrats are spending most of their day’s work with paper work of these cases.

Former Advocate General, Dammalapati Srinivas speaking to a Newspaper says the number of cases the Government faces are always high but there is an increase in 30% of the cases ever since Jagan Mohan Reddy Government came to power.

“There are many instances where we see the Government still knows it is doing wrong but yet goes forward only to land in courts,” the Opposition alleges. We have been seeing the High Court summoning the IAS Officer and even rapping them for non-implementation of its orders.