YS-jagan-Government-Employees-Andhra-Pradesh-SalariesStrange situations do exist in Andhra Pradesh. Forget about owning mistakes, Ministers here bluff and counter attack if someone questions.

Today is 16th of the month and many Government employees in Andhra Pradesh are yet to get their salaries. The Government is waiting for some divine intervention to get loan and clear the salaries.

Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy came up with bizarre argument when asked about the delay.

“Why are you making fuss of nothing? What is the big deal of two days delay when we are actually paying the salaries?,” the Minister audaciously asks.

He further says, “Many employees actually told me they have no trouble whatsoever with the delay”.

It looks like the employees are happy missing their EMIs and payments yet wants the Government to pay their salaries whenever they want.

Someone in the public domain saying this and that too with elections fast approaching speaks volumes about Andhra Pradesh Politics. And this statement comes from Buggana who is supposed to be the most sane voice in YSR Congress.