Andhra Pradesh Govt Comes Up with A Plan to Bypass Council in Capital ShiftingYSR Congress Government came up with a Smart Idea to bypass the Council from Capital Shifting. The Government is planning to introduce a Bill to Repeal the AP CRDA act on Monday. Since the Opposition TDP has the majority in the Council, the bill is unlikely to pass in that house.

To prevent that, the Government is planning to introduce the Bill as Money Bill. In such a scenario, the bill need not be sent to the Upper House which means the Lower House can easily pass it with the majority YSR Congress has. The debate about if the bill is really a money bill will arise but that is for the Speaker to decide.

With Speaker Tammineni Sitaram being a strong advocate to the Three Capitals, we can easily expect the decision. Meanwhile, the agitation of the Amaravati farmers against the Trifurcation has reached the 33rd day. So far, 21 farmers have laid their lives fearing their future.

Meanwhile, TDP had issued a whip to all its MLAs and MLCs to vote against the Government in this issue. The Whip was also issued to Rebel MLAs – Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Maddali Giri.