YS -Jagan -Botsa SatyanarayanaYSR Congress Government seems to be hellbent on proving the previous TDP Regime as Corrupt. A few days ago, there is a leak from the Government that the TDP Government resorted to 30,000 Crore Corruption in the Capital Works so far. It is said that this is revealed by the Experts Committee headed by Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Relative, Peter.

YSR Congress Social Media Wing Propagated it extensively but TDP countered it effectively. “Only 9000 Crore works happened in Amaravati. How did 30000 Crore Corruption happen?,” they questioned. Media also picked up this argument and so, the Government had to concede.

Minister Botsa Satyanarayana clarified that the government did not tell 30000 Crore Corruption happened. “40000 Crore worth tenders were called for. 9000 Crore works have started and 5,400 Crore works were completed. We only said they paved way for Corruption in the tune of 1000s of Crores,” Botsa clarified.

The popular perception is that the Government wants to showcase immense corruption in Amaravati works and shift the Capital.