YS Jagan - New SchemeWhen TDP Government has resorted to Land Pooling and plot allocation in Amaravati, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy used to blame that the Government is behaving as a Real Estate Company. Now, in power, Jagan is doing what exactly a real estate company does.

In the name of affordable plots to the middle class, the Chief Minister announced litigation-free developed layouts in which the people can buy plots. The idea behind this is to pool in more money for the populist schemes by offloading the Government lands.

The High Court already stalled auctioning the Government lands and so, the Government has come up with this Affordable house site idea to circumvent the court order. If the high court still stalls them, the Government can still claim their good work is being stopped by the Opposition through the courts.

“Besides Revenue Generation, this scheme offers ample scope for corruption. If the Government lands are used, the legislators will get a cut from the beneficiaries. If lands are brought from the farmers, they will be acquired at higher prices taking the cuts. This has already happened in the cause of housing for the poor scheme,” the Opposition alleges.