YS Jagan -Three Capitals andhra pradeshReports are coming in that Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to withdraw the bills related to the three capitals. High Court is conducting daily hearings related to decentralization and the repealing of the CRDA act. Advocate General has filed an affidavit in the high court that the government is withdrawing the bills.

An emergency cabinet meeting has happened and the Government is likely to withdraw the bill today. There is no clarity about what happens next. A bill will be passed in the assembly and council to withdraw the bills. Buzz is that the Government is thinking on the lines to introduce the same bills in another form some other time.

The Ruling party has gained the majority in the council as well. So this move has come as a surprise. There are reports that the government may change the legal loopholes in the bills and bring them in a different form. This will be a big boost for the farmers who have given their lands for Amaravati.

But the question is if happiness is temporary or permanent. The farmers who are in the middle of a Maha Padayatra to Tirumala will be waiting with bated breath. The Ruling Party believes that Amaravati should go so as to erase Chandrababu Naidu’s mark on Andhra Pradesh. For that sole purpose, the idea of three capitals is brought.