Jagan Andhra Pradesh Government Faces Contempt of High Court Andhra Pradesh Government had faced another embarrassment in the High Court. The court struck another G.O. of the government which intends to continue YSR Congress Colours to Government Buildings. After High Court ordered to change the colors, the Government added one more color and gave definition to the four colors to avoid legal scrutiny.

The Government claims Terrakota (newly added color) resembles Earth, Green resembles Green Revolution (Crops), White Resembles White Revolution (Milk), and Blue – Blue Revolution (Aqua). Terracotta color is intelligently used only for the borders so that the YSR Congress colors appear significantly.

The High Court refused to accept Government arguments or definitions and said it did not follow the directives of the High Court and Supreme Court. The court slashed the G.O. and demanded an explanation from the Chief Secretary, CEC, Panchayati Raj Secretary.

The court clarified that it will take the issue as the Contempt of Court and the case will come to hearing on the 28th of this month. This is a massive embarrassment to the Government and more importantly it could be easily avoided. The tragedy is that the Government is showcasing itself as desperate for political gains in a small issue like this.