Andhra Pradesh Government Defers The Decision on Three CapitalsIn a surprising turn of events, Andhra Pradesh Cabinet which sat a short while ago to ratify the report of the GN Rao committee and begin the process of Capital Shifting has deferred the decision. The cabinet has decided that the final decision on the three capitals will be taken after Boston Consulting Group submits its report.

Sources tell us that the report is expected on January 3rd The government is also likely to appoint a High Power Committee which will look into both the reports and will make its recommendations to the Government. The committee will consist of Senior IAS officials and Ministers.

If needed, the Government will convene a Special Assembly Session in January and will get the Assembly Ratification of the Government Plans about the Capital or Capitals. Usually, the Assembly convenes in February to pass the budget but there may be a special session if the Government feels there is a need.

Reports are that the GN Rao Committee does not have legal sanctity and so, the Government wants to appoint the High Power Committee, according to the law and past conventions. Also, the Government wants to take the steam out of Amaravati farmers Agitation with this delay.