IYR Krishna Rao IASFormer Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh, IYR Krishna Rao has said the state government with its immature actions is keeping the careers of its officers at otherwise avoidable risk. This is in the context of the ongoing tussle between the AP Government and the State Election Commission.

The State Government is not cooperating with the SEC in the conduct of the Panchayat elections and the officers are not performing their duties according to the SEC instruction to impress the Government.

“AP government by its immature actions is putting careers of its officers at avoidable risk. It is a settled law that #SEC will have full powers over officers and employees once the election process starts and CM and cabinet have no control on election-related matters,” IYR Krishna Rao tweeted.

“CS can not refuse to implement #SEC orders. It just amounts to refusing to implement CM orders Cabinet decisions during normal times. If there are infirmities in the orders it is for the concerned officer to seek redressal at an appropriate forum,” he further added.

On the other side, there are reports that the Government is planning to knock on the doors of the High Court asking the court to define the limits of the State Election Commissioner.