chandrababu naidu - KCRUnion Home Ministry had called for a crucial meeting of both the Telugu States on 21st of this month. This is regarding the division of assets and liabilities of institutions under Schedule 9 and 10 of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. Recently Supreme Court had ordered to divide these institutions in population ration while Telangana government is looking to take them all.

The court asked Center to intervene if the issue is not solved amicably in two months. There are 142 institutions under this section and they are valued at 25000 Crore according to the market value. If the meeting resolves the issue as per the court directive, Andhra Pradesh will have a breather from its severe financial crisis.

The Center has to two months to resolve the issue. In case, Telangana government is not ready to come forward, the issue will reach courts once again. So the meeting on 21st will be a game changer for Andhra Pradesh. On the same day, Union Water Resources Ministry also called for a meeting of officials of both the sides to discuss about the contentious issues over the projects and water sharing.