Farmers-Andhra-PradeshThe chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan says he is inclined towards welfare of the farmers in the state. But the statistics and numbers say a completely different story.

As per the latest report from the central finance department, the farmers in Andhra Pradesh are bearing the highest loans burden in all of India.

While the average loans burden on a farmers’ family in India is Rs 74,121, the average burden on a farmers’ family in Andhra Pradesh is a whopping Rs 2,45,554.

The farmers in Andhra Pradesh are facing 231% more burden than that of the national average across India.

This clearly shows the plight of the farming community in Andhra Pradesh and also exposes the pro-farmers motto of Jagan as a shabby and ineffective one, commented a netizen.

Andhra Pradesh has topped the list of the India states that have the highest loans burden on average on farmers.