Andhra Pradesh -FarmersThe country’s farmers are mired in neckdeep debts. The central government has said that farmers in all the states combined have to repay Rs 16.8 lakh crore in loans to banks. However, it said that no proposal to waive the farmer loan was under consideration.

Union Finance Minister Bhagwat Kard on Monday gave a written reply to a question posed by Congress MP S Jyotimani in the Lok Sabha. According to NABARD data, farmers have to repay Rs 1.69 Lakh crore in 1.2 crore bank accounts in AP till March 31 this year.

In Telangana, farmers have to pay Rs 84,000 crore for 63.22 lakh accounts. If we consider the loans from private lenders and others, these numbers will be several times bigger. Despite both the Telugu Governments claiming to implement huge number of welfare schemes, nothing seems to have changed.

Telangana Government has promised to waive loans Below One Lakh Rupees before 2018 elections but is yet to implement it.