AP Faces Power Cuts First Time After BifurcationSummer is already here and temperatures are rising in Andhra Pradesh. The people are suddenly being tormented by unscheduled power cuts. But then, Andhra Pradesh‘s Power Minister, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy downplays them as minor power cuts.

“It’s true we have minor power cuts in Andhra Pradesh but the Opposition is trying to magnify it as a big problem. Even the minor power cuts are because of Chandrababu Naidu,” the minister told media. Firstly, the power cuts are anything but minor.

Vishakapatnam, the city promoted as the Capital by Jagan Government is witnessing two hours of power cuts daily for the last one week or so. If that is the case for Jagan’s favorite city, just imagine the plight in smaller towns and villages. The minister and the government can tell anything in their defense but people on the ground will get to know the facts.

Andhra Pradesh has become a power surplus state after bifurcation. The state used to supply excess power for Telangana as well. Things have changed after 2019 and we are now witnessing the comeback of power cuts.