Andhra Pradesh Elections Plan!
Andhra Pradesh will be going to polls on April 30th and May 7th. Both the Parliament elections and Assembly elections will go to polls simultaneously. Elections in Telangana will happen on April 30th and in Seema Andhra region, polling will be done on May 7th. Here is the election plan

In Telangana:

April 2nd – Election Notification
April 9th – Last date for Nominations
April 10th – Nominations Verfication
April 12th – Last date for Nominations Withdrawal
April 30th – Polling date

In Seema Andhra:

April 12th – Election Notification
April 19th – Last date for Nominations
April 21st – Nominations Verfication
April 23rd – Last date for Nominations Withdrawal
May 7th – Polling date

Counting in both the region will take place on May 16th along with all the states in the nation and the results will be announced on the same day. After June 2nd, the appointed day of Telangana state formation, the elected representatives will belong to the respective states.