Sajjala-Rama-Krishna-Reddy-YSRCPToday is the 15th of December and many employees in Andhra Pradesh are yet to receive their salaries. From the popular belief that Government employees will get salaries on the 1st of every month to this condition, the transition has been really quick in Jagan’s regime.

Government Advisor Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy who was said to be the most intelligent in the Government came up with a very intelligent argument about it.

“Usually the salaries are delayed for outsourcing and contract employees. The salaries are delayed to ensure that everyone gets the salaries at the same time,” Sajjala said.

If everyone is to be given salaries simultaneously, one can give salaries to everyone on the 1st itself. But then, who can question Sajjala?

Even the affected employees can not question because Sajjala can bring up this kind of logic one day.

“Usually the salaries are less for outsourcing and contract employees. The salaries are decreased for all to ensure that everyone is treated equally”.

How to make a big line small? Draw a bigger line just beside it. How to make a big problem small? Create a bigger problem to make the actual problem small.

Gone are the days, employees used to fight for DAs and PRCs. These days no employee is really concerned about DAs and PRCs because the government is in a position of not being able to pay salaries itself.

Many employees are struggling due to the delays as many have loans to attend to. The EMIs are missed and Penalties are levied. We have ministers like Botsa asking employees to be patient or ready to bend for the salaries.

Back then, Government employees are known for bringing Governments and states to a standstill to achieve their demands. But it is a different story altogether in Jagan’s rule.

The association leaders were handpicked to curb any dissent. There are hands operating the puppets and the leaders are laughing their way to the bank while the common employee suffers.